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gra tall video for mats

Formats We Can Transfer

  • VHS Tapes - NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • Camcorder Tapes - VHSc, 8mm, MiniDV, Any if you have the camera.
  • 8mm|Super 8mm|16mm Film Reels
  • Photos, Slides, Negatives - Turned into Video Slideshows.
  • Laser Discs
  • Video Discs from most World Regions.


  • VHS Tapes - $20/1st Hour | $12.50/2nd Hour | $10/each additional hour (bulk rate after 10hrs)
  • Camcorder Tapes - $25/1st Hour | $12.50/2nd Hour | $10/each additional hour.
  • 8mm/16mm Film Reels - $45 setup + $2/minute of final footage (setup fee waived after 50mins)
  • All other formats will need an individual quote, please contact us.

Our Process

We are fully licensed operators of Adobe Creative Cloud - today's industry standard audio/video production software. DVD is a standard final format, please contact us for many other options.

Our technicians have over 25 years experience in audio/video production and audio for broadcasting.



 Width Length Average Time on Reel
3 inches 50 feet 3 minutes
4 inches 100 feet 6 minutes
5 inches 200 feet 12 minutes
6 inches 300 feet 15 minutes
7 inches 400 feet 24-25 minutes